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100 Proof Blog

In late October 2015 I asked Maggie Kimberl to help me set up a web page and a blog, My first blog post appeared on October 25, 2015. It was written because one of the questions I was frequently asked is why is Bourbon over 80% corn not corn whiskey. Since then I have kept a policy of only writing what I want to write about and what interests me. I have asked Maggie to join the site to blog about cigars. This came out of a blog I did about Pairing Tobacco and Bourbon, which led to pairing Bourbon and cigars. I will admit that Maggie is much more knowledgeable about cigars than I am and I enjoy her writings. I think it is a good combination. This blog is the 100th blog post on the site. I have enjoyed writing these blogs and reading the ones Maggie has written. They are not all about Bourbon as I indulge my interest in Brandy and tobacco as well as Bourbon and Rye. That is why today I am going to talk about 100 proof whiskey. Legend has it that the term proof comes from taking a bit o…

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