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- Do today's students perform better than their colleagues in 1960? Given the advances in education and technology, it will be natural to assume that the answer then is a resounding "yes. " Even so when it comes to reading efficiency, new research suggests that isn't the case. The research, printed by the International Literacy Association, compares the comprehension-based silent reading efficiency of US students (grades 2-12) in 2011 with data collected in 1960. A key finding was that students fall further back of as they advance through the grades, wrote Alexandra Spichtig, Ph. D., Primary Research Officer of Examining Plus, and first writer of the study. The study showed that modern-day second-grade students are equivalent to their peers of fifty years ago, but that at the conclusion of high school, students' comprehension-based quiet reading rates average 20 percent slower than the rates of their 60 peers. "What we know -- and the data underscore this -…

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