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My 6th blog

The English Language is delightfully particular. Here are some fun realities about it.

Conviction One: Going, going gone!

Vernaculars make and English is no exceptional case. One fourth of the words in the full Oxford vocabulary are classed as out of date. Strewth! That prohibitive leaves around 175,000 for dependably trade.

Truth Two: Did you say you bestowed in English?

Ideal conditions endeavoring to decipher this my dear English understudies, without an OK slang word reference. English is improved by slang, and I say advanced deliberately since it's reasonable and fun, paying little mind to the way that not maybe every's some tea, and totally one would endeavor not to utilize it inside observing the Queen.

I was down the bar having some nosh, when I saw this nutter going in and out the loo. I said to my mate: "Wager you a tenner there's something honorably dodgy continuing there." "I should mind your beeswax" he answered, "I'm set for Bedf…

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